Friday, July 01, 2005


The aff's coming along, despite some setbacks with angry grad students in the lab. The Democracy promotion add-on seems to be pretty sweet. Now we're churning along with negative assignments. After Aaron generously offered to cut both Spanos and Neo-managerialism, we decided instead to cut the Race K and a Consequentalism/Deontolgy file.

The assignments for the following few days are as follows.

Terrorism DA: Anjali, Sara and Eddie

Executive Order: Kevin, Chris, Harsha

Consult NATO: Scott S, Pat M, Libby

Deont/Conseq: Scott M, Tony, Aaron, Iris

Race: Lee, Walter, Budri Pat E

Topicality : Dennys

Also the Lab Leaders are pleased that we seem to be the only lab with the skill to operate scissors.

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