Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So what does Dallas Perkins, debate coach at Harvard, think about the high school topic?

Well, you'd have to be here, at the Miami Debate Institute, room Laws 301, to know.

In his only lecturing appearance anywhere in the US this summer, Dallas offered the Oxford Scholars program at Miami his views on the Civil Liberties topic.

Dallas is one of the nation's greatest and most accoplished debate coaches, having coached several national champions and the 2005 NDT Top Speaker. His insights into debate policy strategies are unparalleled in their perceptiveness.

Today he extensively outlined the detailed strategies the government would use to counteract affirmative plans to decrease detention without charge. His conclusion: run a case about "search without probable cause".

Excerpt from Dallas: "Please note that this topic does not say 'decrease detention' it says 'decrease the authority to detain'.

Chris Lundberg:"Plans that establish a code regarding treatment or behavior of detainees could be anti-topical, they are an exercise of authority over the detainees, not a decrease."

If you have any questions for Dallas about his lecture, ask one in a comment on this post.

Steve Mancuso


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reasoning behind "decrease detention" and "decrease the authority to detain" which means i ultimately dont understand the reason for only running a case about search without probable cause.

Anonymous said...

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Mata Leao said...

I thought that lecture was really great. It changed a lot of my thoughts for the kind of AFFs I might want to run.