Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Introductory Kritik Lecture - Chris Lundberg

Today, Chris Lundberg gave the first lecture on debating the Kritik. Focusing on representations, he outlined three main themes within the lecture: power pleasure and politics of the person. Power was examined in two parts, disciplinary and juridical power.

He reminded the campers that juridical power is the type of power that RAs love to exert on the campers, while disciplinary power is the kind of power that makes people internalize rituals which they believe is “right”.
Room check is at midnight, and you wouldn’t want to be late, would you?

Moreover, Lundberg connected the lecture to the students by highlighting fashion as a form of disciplinary power. There is no such thing as the Fashion police, (even though Alec Wright is working on it), but we all watch how we dress and try to fit in though clothing.

Applying this to the topic, Lundy went on to explain how discipline creates rituals which create absolute truths, specifically in the areas of privacy and searches.

In our own social rituals, every night the campers have played ultimate Frisbee. We have some results to report:
Team Domination: 29
Team Trojan Horse: 4

Team One: 13
Team Two: 11

When not playing Frisbee, there have been a few rap “battles” (until someone takes a vote from will, I'll use the word battle lightly):

Will Sears: 12
Matt Young: 0

Will Sears: 33
Alec Wright: 0

Dr Voth is still waiting to show off his Frisbee golf skills, any challengers?


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