Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hi all,

The Application is up and linked HERE and on the side bar. Apply early and often. Also we've confirmed some exciting new changes. First, the staff is top-notch for 2008. Casey Harrigan, 2006 NDT winner, and Brad Hall, 2006 NDT Runner-up, as well as Iowa coaches Paul Johnson and Jane Munksgaard are lined up for Oxford Scholars. For the Redhawk, Georgetown coach, Michael Greenstein and MSU Seniors Debbie Lai and Garrett Abelkop are excited to get started teaching.

Also, food is going to be different from last year at both camps. Meals will be a combination of a meal plan from Miami's award-winning dining halls and a declining balance from Oxford uptown restaurants including Jimmy Johns, Subway, Skyline, the list goes on.

Any questions just email me