Friday, July 01, 2005

Hall/Lundberg T Debate Assignments

Topicality Debates

1. Instructions--
One person debates the negative and one person debates the affirmative. The negative needs to prepare a T violation as you would present it in a round. The affirmative needs to prepare 2AC answers. The negative will then answer the aff answers.

Use the theory house to construct your violation, you can use Planet Debate to get evidence.

There will be a 1 minute cross x after each of the first two speeches.

2. Assignments—
Laura & Jen: Plan: The USSC will overrule its decision in Brignoni-Ponce to require that police only make border enforcement stops based on probable cause. Race is not a legitimate basis for probable cause.

Kevin & Trevor, Plan: Congress will pass a law requiring that the executive branch either charge or release all people detained under the label “enemy combatant.”

Debs & Nick, Plan: Congress will pass a law limiting presidential authority to detain without charge by requiring that all detentions comply with relevant international law.

Eli & Spencer, Plan: The USSC will overrule Brignoni-Ponce by prohibiting race as a factor in border stops.

Ashley & Matt, Plan: Congress will limit presidential authority to detain without charge by preventing rendition to other countries for the purpose of torture.

James & Izzi, Plan: The Supreme Court will declare that Guantanamo Bay detentions are unconstitutional and order the executive to release all detainees held there.

Clint & Cliff: Plan: The Congress will substantially reduce presidential authority to detain without charge by preventing torture of detainees.

Eli & Alex: Plan: The Congress will pass legislation prohibiting the detention of anyone under the age of 18.


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