Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting the stuff you need...

This post is primarily directed at the parents of MDI students, as it remedies areas of concern that seem to be repeated. I have gotten a few emails that ask the important question, "What if my child needs something?!" Good question.

If you want to mail anyone at the camp something, mail the letter or package to
Student Name
c/o Miami Debate Institute
160 Bachelor Hall
Oxford, OH 45056

This is the Dept. of Communications main office. Just put the student's name, c/o Miami Debate Institute, and we will get it to them. In the past, we post a list of students who have received mail or packages. They will be able to get these, from us, in the office of Wells Hall, where they will be staying. This has worked well in the past, and is the most effective way to navigate through the Miami mail system.

However, lets say that some camper needs more money for food, because they blew through $300 in a week. This is one of the reasons we're excited about Uptown Bucks. We've hyped this to a lot of people, and I think that you will also be impressed with the system. If you go to their website, there is a link on the top that says "Add $". You can then deposit money onto their card in $25 dollar increments immediately, without having to wait a couple days to get a check in the mail. Super convenient , too. The only thing that you will need is their account number, which will be printed on their card.

There are two REALLY cool things about this card. First, you can't buy anything bad with it (e.g. alcohol and tobacco), and secondly you can see what they've spent money on. So when the phone call comes that says, "I'm out of money," you get to ask, "Well why did you spend $150 at Wildberry (novelty store on High Street)". Its super-convenient and gives you oversight. Win-win. If there are any other questions that come up, as always, feel free to send me an email at

One last thing: At registration, make sure that any outstanding balance is squared up (if you still owe us something, you should have gotten an email earlier) but also remember that there is a $50 deposit for lost keys. This is the #1 thing that is forgotten about, so it's an important reminder.