Thursday, May 31, 2007


Dear Miami Institute Campers,

This is a very important email. Please share this with your parents.

FIRST, things to bring:
*Summer Clothes (t-shirt and shorts are pretty standard)
*At least one light jacket or sweater for cool evenings
*Athletic Clothes and Tennis Shoes (optional, for sports and other planned activities)
*Detergent for washers (we will have this available for a fee)
*Toiletries (Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, SOAP, etc)
*A shower caddy (if you can't carry all of your shower things at once)
*A watch
*Shower shoes (optional)
*Sheets, a light blanket (All rooms will have AC) and a pillow
*Towels (at least 1)
*An Alarm Clock (or if your cell phone has an alarm this will work)
*A notebook for lectures and lab notes

*The Office will have all typical debate supplies available from Office Max (or the cheapest we can find) prices. We will not mark them up, so you can plan on buying them when you get here.
But if you want to bring your own, here is a list of things you might need:
Pens (black ink)
Regular white typing paper
Paper for flowing
Folders or expanding folders
A tub (if you want to bring paper evidence back with you)

*If you bring your computer it is important to make sure you bring an Ethernet cord and/or your wireless card. The campus generally has wireless available in all locations, but sometimes it is good to have a cord to plug in if the signal is weak in a certain location.

*Unlike other camps the meals at Miami are very good. Miami has a top ranked meal service and you will not get bored or disgusted by the food, there will always be vegetarian and vegan options available.

*Spending money is up to your discretion, some nights you may want to order pizza or subs or Chinese to the dorms or walk uptown for other food, but you will not need a large amount of money. Printing and copying in the library will also cost a small fee.

SECOND, we will be in Dodds hall again. Just like last year, all of your mail can be sent to:
Your Name
C/o Miami Debate Institute
162 Bachelor Hall
Oxford, OH 45056

THIRD, many of you have been dealing with Steve Mancuso, who helped set up the camp, but will not be teaching at the institute this year. If you have any questions email Sarah Spring:

FOURTH, you must communicate to us how you're getting to camp (car, bus, plane). If you are flying we need the airport you are flying into (Dayton or Cincinatti), the flight number, the airline, and the time. IMPORTANT - If you are under the age of 15, we need to arrange for the pickup of an unaccompanied minor, we need to know exact details of these individuals. The same is true for if you are arriving by bus. If you are driving, please tell us so as well as when you expect to arive. We will have airport shuttles to pick students up from the airport.

FIFTH, look at the blog - we'll be updating it starting today - Or, if you have any questions just ask me.

Camp will be great - lots of fun - we're looking foward to seeing all of you here.

- Aaron Vinson, Assistant Director, Miami Debate Institute