Friday, July 14, 2006

Redhawk final round


Oxford, OH, July 14 2006


In the second annual camp tournament at the Redhawk Miami of Ohio Debate Institute, Scott Marchi and Andrew Berg, representing the Lee-Serrano Lab, defended the affirmative, while Sam Fishell and Sam Smith, representing the Strait-Wallace lab, defended the negative. Following the debate, instructor Paul Strait filed the following report on behalf of the entire Redhawk faculty:

Scott Marchi, brother of an extremely attractive woman (according to unverified reports), delivered the first affirmative constructive arguing that the military should offer educational incentives to induce short-term enlistments. He presented three advantages: 1. more troops = more deterrence, 2. more troops prevent withdrawal from Iraq, and 3. better educated troops aid the inevitable transition that will occur in the military. While some questioned Scott's eligibility to debate, rumors that he is actually only 8 years old were eventually dismissed.

Sam Fishell managed to stop dancing long enough to deliver the first negative constructive, and in so doing he insisted that the plan, not being a mandatory increase, was not topical. He also argued that the plan would help Rumsfeld gain support to strike Iran, with deleterious results, and moreover that the plan would increase wage competition, causing sufficient inflation to prompt a Fed interest rate hike, thus collapsing the global economy.

Andrew "mung master" Berg, wearing his characteristicly fascist brown shirt, answered all of the negative arguments in the second affirmative constructive, although the phrase "if they extend this argument, it will be answered in the 1AR" occured on more than one occasion.

The negative block happened, blah blah blah blah.... things failed to get interesting until the 1AR. Scott decided to concede the argument that short term enlistments hurt cohesion, and then asserted that this was a double turn with the argument that a decrease in unit cohesion would cause withdrawal from Iraq, and withdrawal from Iraq is good. Sadly, the negative never insisted that a decrease in unit cohesion would cause a withdrawal, and additionally even if this were a double turn, it was not unique (because the aff insisted and the neg conceded that the US army will withdraw in the squo). Additionally, Scott spent 3:30 of his 1AR on T, and attempted to demonstrate the general strategic maxim that readers beat talkers (by talking...). Realizing he was not debating Foucault on the negative, Scott metaphorically reenacted the scene from Superman in which superman is stabbed with a shiv of kryptonite. He also basically dropped the Iran strike disadvantage.

Sam Smith, demonstrating that Brett Wallace was in fact one of his lab leaders, decided the best course of action would be to go for topicality. After the debate, Sam explained "well, Sam F. wrote out an overview for T already....." Instead of flowing the 2NR, Scott spent his time hanging out with Karen, Sarah, and Austin. Andrew announced before his 2AR that he had no good argument, demonstrating the value of ethos in the 2AR. He extended the counter-interpretation that it is okay to only be topical by effects as long as your plan is "reasonable," which the negative felt was question begging.

After the debate, the students voted, and on a 16-5 decision, the negative was declared winner. The faculty judging panel of Ed Lee, Brett Wallace, and Paul Strait decided unanimously that the negative did the better debating.

J.W. Patterson

Miami Debate - 3 Week Semis

We have two outstanding debates this morning. It took a 3-1 record with outstanding speaker points to clear. The Final Round will be posted as soon as the results are in.

Strait/Wallace's Sam Smith and Sam Fishell (N) vs Serrano/Lee's Mark Ketler and Zack Miller
Upham 328 - Todd Lantz

Serrano/Lee's Sarah Pontier and Karen Licktieg vs. Serrano/Lee's Andrew Berg and Scott Marchi
Upham 316 - Ed Lee

The Final Round will be held at 2 pm in Upham 312 with a panel of Dan Fietzmier, Alan Coverstone, and Michael Risen

The Fitzmier-Mancuso Lab at Work


Chip is Not Hip

Alex Cue Ball



The Big (Marc)



Evan (closeted serial killer)



Good Golly, it's Molly




Mike (honorary member)

Debates, Debates, Debates...

Practice rounds are continuing at a furious pace. Here are some pictures.

Eli (Centerville) and Ovais (Chattahoochee).

Chip (The Heights) and Alex (Olathe Northwest)

Eli (again, the camp's version of camera-hog John McCain)

Kunal (Stratford Academy)


Prepping in lab room.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Announcing: Faculty Demonstration Debate!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment pleasure, the Miami Debate Institute is excited to make the following announcement:

This Friday, July 14, at 7:00 p.m. in Upham Room 1 the following Faculty Demonstration Debate will take place:

First Affirmative: Alan Coverstone

Second Affirmative: Sarah Spring

First Negative: Daniel Fitzmier

Second Negative: "Dreamy" Todd Lantz

College Debate Forum!

Tomorrow night, Wednesday July 12, the Miami Debate Institute is sponsoring a forum on college debate. Students from both workshops who are possibly interested in pursuing debate after their high school careers are welcome to attend.

Faculty members representing a wide variety of college programs will offer information about their schools, debate squads, financial aid opporutnities, etc. The faculty panel will include college directors, coaches, former debaters and current debaters. After the panel presents their information they will take questions from the audience.

The forum will take place in Room 2 in Upham Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Maybe you'll end up on the Miami Debate squad...

Miami Speaking Skills Sessions!

Ten nights of sweaty fun - and hard work - are almost over. Dozens of the students at the Miami workshop are taking advantage of working with all faculty members in groups and individually in these optional sessions in the evening. Debaters intensely work on their speed, clarity, vocal variance, emphasis and speaking stamina.

After long days at lab, library, practice debates and lectures, these students amazingly choose to commit more time outside of their formal curriculum to getting better.

Speaking for the entire faculty, we congratulate these students on their tremendous commitment.

Two more nights to go - tonight with Ed Lee and Nicole Serrano, and tomorrow night with Paul Strait and Brett Wallace.

Risen Spring Practice Debate Schedule - Weds.

Weds 10 AM
Rm Aff Neg Judge
18 HS FR Risen
131 ZL GY Spring
364 CL KP Serrano
Bye QK

Weds 1:30 PM

18 GY HS Risen
131 KP ZL Spring
364 QK CL Wallace
Bye FR

Full Negative Disclosure Mandatory