Saturday, July 14, 2007

Goodbye to the Redhawk!

Checkout was today for the Redhawk. It was sad to say goodbye! Please email if you need anything at all and we'll see you this fall and next summer at camp. Some pictures at checkout...


In the first athletic event in a week where a staff member didn't seriously injure themselves (we love you Dan and Omar...) the Scholars played some broomball today, it was fun I hear. Some pics!

k thx

Debate for the Ages! (or is it Aged?!?)

To all those ships out there at sea...

In a blazing fast demo debate, Aimi Hamraie and Eli Jacobs defended a repeal of the Gag Rule for Sub-Saharan Africa. Avery Dale and Aaron Vinson negated advancing a number of arguments including a China CP that also included a number of other planks (arrrrg), the net benefits were a K of the term Sub-Saharan Africa, China Soft Power DA, Spending, and some other jive. There was some debate as to Eli had ever seen a condom, this remained unresolved... The audience overwhelmingly thought the negative prevailed, especially because of the unextended Israel DA or perhaps they won on jokes alone...

Some photographic evidence.


Shaheen and Molinaro Win Three Week Tournament!

Congrats to Scott and Matt for winning the three week tournament. They defeated the worthy opponents of Chris Mair and Delaney Gatz on a 2-1 decision with Ed Lee Dissenting. Congrats to both team for a very good debate. Also, it's worth nothing that 3 of the 4 participants in the final debate were from Ohio, awesome. Here are some pics!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second Practice Debates are under way

After a yummy lunch at the Shriver Center, students began their second set of practice debates. Tara is watching Osahon Okundaye (Neenah, WI) and Karen Lickteig (Wichita East, KS) defending the revoking of the US gag rule on the Aff versus Aaron Westendorf (Princeton, OH) and Jasmine Gonzalez (Walter Payton, IL) on the Neg. The 1AC had three advantages - reproductive imperialism, civil society, and US human rights credibility. The 1NC came back with T - not government-to-government, Politics (Bush Good - Iraqi withdrawal), the Mbembe K and case arguments.

Tara is wondering if JW will navigate his ship at sea to Ohio so we can have one. Eli Jacobs can be the captain.


Practice debates for Scholars begin!

Practice debates for the 5-week students started this morning. Tara is watching Danny Mapes and Michael Perbeck from Shawnee Mission East on the Aff take on Adam Adler (Parkway North, MO) and Amy Senders (Westwood, TX) on the Negative.

Mapes/Perbeck are reading the South Africa Medflag Aff with an AIDS advantage and military readiness advantage. Adler/Senders argued T - must be all of SSA, China CP, the Doctor trade-off DA, and China oil DA.

Ready for the 1AR to begin...Mapes is stealing prep time...Adler is making funny robot noises. I am looking out the windows of Upham Hall and there are no ships at sea here in Oxford, OH.


Seniors finish blitz of evidence in Wave 2

Seniors turned out a high quality set of evidence for Wave 2.

The FTH lab finished the following args the past couple of days:

sub-Saharan K/PIC
Exclude Zimbabwe PIC - Mugabe DA, Domestic Politics, Confronting the Evildoer K
Dutch Disease DA
Aid Bad
Lacan K
Japan CP with Soft Power DA

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fun in the dorms!


Happy Birthday AU!

The AU turns 5 today, happy birthday from the Sprisen Lab!

Wave Two -- working hard -- getting it done..

The sprisen lab is working hard completing wave two.. some photographic evidence...

5 week Practice Debate Schedule

Have fun.

Click here
to download schedule.

Disclosure is mandatory and must be full 1NC and 1AC positions given to the opposing team no later than 12 hours prior to the debate.

Bring Practice debate journals to every debate.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Practice debates are underway!

Practice debates for the three week camp are underway and we've been having about two a day with rebuttal redos in the afternoon. The staff has enjoyed this almost as much as the students.