Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Our new brochure is ready. You can also access it by clicking on the top link in the left side column.

If you haven't joined our Facebook Group (Miami Debate Institute), what are you waiting for? Alums - post your experiences from past summers in the discussion board. If you are already a member, invite your debate friends to join.

Speaking of alums, Kofi Sam, workshop alum, had a great weekend in Chicago. Here's what he wrote:

"Hey hey can you post my success on the miami blog or....

I debated this weekend at Conference Championship's in Chicago and my partner and I went 4-1 and lock-out with another Hope team(Alexandria Mack) for quarters and then we advanced to semis and we dropped on a 2-1 decision... but I was 4th speaker so I feel ok!! All thanks to Miami's Redhawk Debate Camp!"

Congrats to Kofi and our other alumni!!!