Friday, June 20, 2008

Trouble Getting to Oxford?

Just a few reminders about registration (only two days away!). Make sure you bring all of your forms and key deposits to registration, which we have planned between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. If you can't be here between those times (or, if you are having trouble getting here for reasons like the previous post) call one of these three numbers:
Sarah Spring
(513) 330-0356

Dorm Office
(513) 330-0357

Matt Gayetsky
(513) 330-0358

We'll be nearby a computer for much of the day, so if you end up in some town you've never heard of (which happens to US a lot around Oxford), we should be able to get you back on track and into town.

As said in the past, we can make Wal-Mart runs as the camp progresses, but if you need some basic things for sure (e.g. a tub) let us know at registration so that we can get these things asap. Have a safe drive into town.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting to Oxford

Many of you will be traveling to Oxford by car from Chicago, this post is important for you. If you are going through Richmond, IN, and your directions tell you to take "US-27S" this applies to you as well. Parts of US-27 are closed, and Sarah and I just drove the whole detour that takes you into town. We passed not one, or two, but THREE better ways into town before we finally got here via the detour. Our route is a lot better.

From 70, take exit 156a for National Road/US 40 West
You will go past a strip mall with a Fazolis, after the Applebees
Turn Left on Garwood Rd. (Before the mall)
Go for 2 miles
Turn Right at the dead end (sharp) on Wernle Rd.
Turn Left at Niewoerner Rd.
Niewoerner turns into State Road 227
Take 227 past the Richmond airport and through Boston, IN
Turn Right onto 9 Mile Rd (there is a sign before the turn) (9 mile almost qualifies as a 2 lane road, watch out for potholes and oncoming traffic)
Turn Left at the dead end at US 27. This will take you into Oxford.
Turn Right onto Campus Ave.
Turn Left on Spring St., Wells Hall will be the second building on your right. There is a small drive there where you can drive in and park.

There are certainly other ways to get around the detour, but this will be the quickest and easiest.