Tuesday, June 19, 2007


THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! You MUST MUST bring your medical consent form with you when you come to camp if you have not mailed it in. This is a consent form, and without it we CANNOT accept responsibility for you. Parents MUST sign it and send it with their kids if they are not bringing them to camp. You can download the Medical Form to print by clicking HERE.

Of lesser importance, but still important, rules forms also need to be signed by students, while they CAN do that at registration, registration will go faster if they bring their signed forms with them. That can be printed HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2007


If you are flying...

You will be picked up near the baggage claim by one of our members of the dorm staff who will be wearing a Miami Debate t-shirt.

If you are driving...

Try to get here between 12 and 5pm, come to DODDS 600 S.Maple Avenue. Here is a map of some important roads leading to Oxford that might be helpful. Also, here is a map of some of the main streets in Oxford, the dorm is on Maple. If you are planning on staying the night after dropping off your child, this map highlights how to get to the local hotels. If you just want a simple map of the campus, click here.


We will sell DVD's at registration, or you can sign up for them in the office before the end of camp.

The price will be:
$20 for ALL the lectures
$10 for 5 lectures of your choice

You can pay at registration or when you order, and you will get the DVD at the end of camp.