Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So far so good...

Seems like things are going smashigly so far. Our lab's been broken into two groups, one working on enemy combatants, and one on border searches. Both groups have been crankin' and seem to have good vision about where they are going.

Lectures have been good so far, though Steve spoke about this new "political capital" DA that he's been working on... apparently something to do with president clinton... in all seriousness, he did declare he cut the best "winners win" card he's ever seen last night, which given his considerable chops on all things politics is a serious claim.

Hope all is well with everyone here at Miami, and with anyone else in the debate community droppin' in from cyberspace.

And just so this message gets picked up in web searches, here's some random words:

Sex, Michael Jackson, Pokemon, Danica, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, War of the worlds, and Melissa Maxcy Wade...

Peace out, as they used to say on the hard streets of SLC.


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eli said...

where are we meeting for lab in the morning tomorrow?