Friday, July 01, 2005

Cunningham/Mancuso labbies need help..........

The lab is fairly busy producing two great affirmatives: Korematsu and DNA. In order to progress in an efficient manner can someone please answer the following five questions for our lab students:

1. "Oh........when you say cut up the cards are we supposed to use scissors?" (asked by a rising male senior from a well-known program)

2. "Even though we all have copies of the sorting matrix on our computers why shouldn't we all stand in a circle and use the one on Matt's computer?" (asked silently by certain members of the Korematsu aff group)

3. "Wait! You meant library when you said library? We thought we should go to the dorm instead." (these two will be seen at another institute later in the summer)

4. "I hope Mancuso doesn't hate us" (literal quote by two female students on their first of five times asking to leave early/arriving late")

5. "LUNDY....... did you really indict the fashion industry? The most interesting thing about me is my obsession with clothes. What am I supposed to do now?" (this is the easiest to guess)

Have a great day at camp!


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Anonymous said...


hopefully this camp turns out well...also i hope that 1 kid learns that cutting cards involves lexis and not scissors =)