Saturday, July 05, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Gonzalez-Johnson lab pushes on

with a stunning second wave to feature states, federalism, Russian oil, and a T-shirt with a pirate on it!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

2a lecture outline

I. Before the debate
a. What work you should do
b. Captain of the affirmative ship
c. Importance of the 2ac

II. During the debate
a. Flowing
b. Prep time
c. Debating your case

III. 2ac
a. General things
i. Overarching strategy
ii. Offense
iii. Coverage
iv. Organization
b. Debating case
i. Prioritize case
ii. Strategic emphasis
iii. Use 1ac evidence
iv. Clear up vagueness
v. Don’t drop case arguments
c. Answering arguments
i. Have frontlines
ii. “Grouping”
iii. Add-ons
iv. Modules
v. Use your case
d. Giving the 2ac
i. Road map
ii. Style/speed
e. Cxing the 2nc
i. Set up 1ar arguments
ii. Don’t be too obvious
iii. Or be too obvious
iv. Attack evidence

IV. 2ar
a. General things
i. Overarching strategy
ii. Overview
iii. Prep during the 2nr prep and 2nr
iv. During your prep
b. Debating case
i. Tell a story
ii. Impacts!!!
c. Answering arguments
i. What did they go for?
ii. Be selective
iii. Make comparisons
d. Giving the 2ar
i. Ethos
ii. Be mindful of the 2nr and 1ar
iii. How you should debate
iv. Extensions
v. Framing