Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lantz-Lee-Serrano Lab

We discussed Ed's infatuation with Purple Rain thoroughly as the lab introduced themselves to each other. Only about four students shocked us by admitting that they have done absolutely nothing all summer. They all seemed excited to be in Oxford and even more excited to work with myself, Ed, and Nicole.

After the survey lectures to introduce the topic to our students, we brainstormed the Affirmative that our lab will be writing this week -- detentions at Guantanamo Bay. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to show an inspirational scene from A Few Good Men where Guantanamo Bay was sort of mentioned. Perhaps those technical difficulties were an omen of a brewing storm (literally).

After dinner, our lab met at King Library to get a tour of the library resources at Miami. A few members of our lab, including all of the lab leaders, got stuck outside during a complete downpour thunderstorm. However, not even being dripping wet would stop us from learning how to use the library, including the most thrilling lecture we will most likely hear by far.

Today, our lab is getting their feet wet (not literally) with Topicality, including a lecture from Ed and seminars with other lab leaders. Later today, we will unleash the fury of the LLS research force at the library to start our assignments.

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Nicole Serrano said...

We began Tuesday afternoon with some refreshers on introductions. We found out we have a horserider, a star shot-putter, a Disney movie fanatic, and a guitar player. We also discovered our lab has some special talents, including being able to touch their nose with their tongue. Other embarassing stupid human tricks may come out as the institute proceeds!

In mid-evening on Tuesday night, LLS completed its first file - a 50 page T file. That's pretty good for only having been in the library for about 2 hours! Congrats to LLS lab kids- they're working hard and the final product is looking great. Special congrats to Aaron who still hasn't lost his speaking privileges during lab. I wish I could say the same for Phil . . .

Wednesday morning at the LLS lab began with a few kids doing speaking drills on T violations and some discussion of disad's. Everyone also came in with over 500 pages already bracketed for our aff. Gitmo is shaping up nicely as an aff with some excellent cards the kids have found.