Friday, July 21, 2006

Theory Demonstrations

We reached the end of our intensive theory 24-hours. We began last night with mini-debates. This afternoon we had seminars for every theory topic. Tonight we returned to the mini-debate format, this time informed by our seminars and arguments tailored to specific situations. Finally tonight, several students were chosen to represent their small groups in demonstrations in front of the entire workshop.

Throughout this process students worked with every member of the faculty, and in groups ranging from size 4 to 7. Every student gave at least 8 separate theory speeches.

Here are some pictures from the demonstration session tonight, including the students who were selected.

Ovais Inamullah, Chattahoochee, GA

Marc Legrand, Westwood, TX

Eve Samborn, Glenbrook South, IL

Yooni Kim, College Prep, CA

Pat Elwell, St, Ignatuis, OH

Ivie Okundaye, Neenah, WI

Mike Perbeck, Shawnee Mission East, KS

Olivia Lui, Sylvania Northview, OH

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