Thursday, July 20, 2006

Amazing Rebuttal Reworks!

This morning every team debated in front of a faculty member and had rebuttal rework sessions. In the debate I judged all four debaters showed awesome improvement in their rework (and their rework of their rework, and their rework of their rework of their rework).

We focused on speed, reading evidence, emphasis, persuasion and word economy. Here are some pictures from that round:

The debate exhibited teamwork:

Good cross-examination:

AND those amazing rebuttal reworks. Congratulations to the following four debaters:

Chris Mangels, Loyola Blakefield, MD

Michael Perbeck, Shawnee MIssion East, KS

Colin Quinn, Glenbrook South, IL

Alec Zimmer, Glenbrook South, IL

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good pictures..