Sunday, July 23, 2006

High-Fives to Tara's Research Group!

The Miami Scholars broke up into work groups of four this week to undertake our "7 Strategies" curriculum. Each group was assigned a major case Aff on this year's topic and worked together as a "squad" to develop a case negative...starting from the brainstorming aspect to file completion.

I just wanted to give a shout-out to the four workers in my group. We put out four off-case positions to the Draft Aff.

Amy Huang - Offshore Balancing CP to solve the terminal impact to readiness
Olivia Lui - 15 Months Enlistment Incentives CP (also a neg frontline to the Aff that uses 15-mos enlistment as their solvency mech as a bonus)
Ivie Okundaye -- Overstretch Good DA - Iran strikes
Mason Marshall-- Overstretch Good DA -- Germany troop pull-out good

The group also put out a draft neg with a tight solvency frontline, readiness adv frontline, social equities adv frontline, and some more politics links.

Way to go!!


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