Monday, June 20, 2005

Reminder about Mailing Address

I just wanted to remind you that the address where you should receive U.S. mail at the camp is:

Your Name
Miami Debate Institute
Bachelor Hall
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

Do not have mail sent to Reid Hall as neither you nor we will be able to receive it there.



Anonymous said...

sorry if i missed this somewhere, when do we get our room numbers so we know where to go after we get there?


Steve Mancuso said...

There will be a registration table in the main lounge at Reid Hall on Sunday. You will pick up your key and room assignment there, along with all the swag - t-shirt, timer, stickers and customized flash-drive.

I was just over at Reid Hall this afternoon, the air conditioners have been installed in every room!


Anonymous said...

this is not officially sponsored by the camp, but i think it would be more organized way for all of us to talk:

feel free to sign up

Phil said...

Who would win, Keanu Reaves or Tom Cruise? You might automatically go with Keanu cuz Neo from the Matrix, but Tom cruise was an irishman and a vampire, so think hard. this is a tuffy.