Monday, June 20, 2005

Airport and Bus Terminal Pick-Up

We have just about completed collecting the flight arrival information from you, there are about 25 of you arriving by plane or bus.

We will be providing shuttles from both the Cincinnati and Dayton airports to anyone who's flight is scheduled to arrive prior to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday; and to the Cincinnti Bus Terminal on Sunday afternoon.

When you depart your plane or bus go on to the Baggage Claim area. Look for someone holding a sign that either says "Miami Debate Institute" or your name.

If you arrive at the baggage claim area and you do not see anyone with a sign, collect your luggage and wait there. Don't go outside or anywhere else in the airport or bus terminal. If no one is there at that moment it just means we are helping someone else and will be with you shortly. There are a few times when several flights and buses are arriving simultanously.

Soon I will post a cell-phone number for you to call in the event there is a problem, such as your flight or bus being cancelled, or if you are waiting a long time and we have not found you. If your flight is simply late we will be keeping track of that so you don't need to call us in that case.

See you all Sunday.


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