Monday, June 20, 2005

Evidence CD's - free for all

Everyone at the workshop, both the Red Hawk and Oxford Scholars divisions, will receive a complete set of evidence produced by all labs at the Miami Debate Institute on a CD that we will give you (or US-mail to you) at the end of the workshop. Your tuition payment covers this, so there will be no additional charge to you.

For the purposes of holding practice debates and the workshop torunament we will also provide one paper-copy per 2-person team.



Kurt said...

Was there any decision ever made on whether or not we would have free printing in the library?

Was that ever arranged or should we still plan on bringing money for printing?

Steve Mancuso said...

It is not possible to arrange for free printing in the library. You should plan on spending money for printing.

We are providing all of you with Institute flash-drives. One of the main purposes in doing that is to help you manage your printing needs.

There is one location on campus with free printing, but we do not have regular access to it. And if the debate institute overwhelms the facility it will probably no longer remain free.

Steve Mancuso

Anonymous said...

oh sweet. Thanks for making it convenient for us!

Mata Leao said...

Is there any advantage to these institute flash drives over our own private ones we would bring with a lap top? Are they pre-stocked with files? Cool idea though, especially for those who don't have them.

Sarah said...

The flash drives will have lots of useful files on them, and they have a sweet Miami Debate logo on them.

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to keep the flash drives?