Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Practice debates for Scholars begin!

Practice debates for the 5-week students started this morning. Tara is watching Danny Mapes and Michael Perbeck from Shawnee Mission East on the Aff take on Adam Adler (Parkway North, MO) and Amy Senders (Westwood, TX) on the Negative.

Mapes/Perbeck are reading the South Africa Medflag Aff with an AIDS advantage and military readiness advantage. Adler/Senders argued T - must be all of SSA, China CP, the Doctor trade-off DA, and China oil DA.

Ready for the 1AR to begin...Mapes is stealing prep time...Adler is making funny robot noises. I am looking out the windows of Upham Hall and there are no ships at sea here in Oxford, OH.


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