Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second Practice Debates are under way

After a yummy lunch at the Shriver Center, students began their second set of practice debates. Tara is watching Osahon Okundaye (Neenah, WI) and Karen Lickteig (Wichita East, KS) defending the revoking of the US gag rule on the Aff versus Aaron Westendorf (Princeton, OH) and Jasmine Gonzalez (Walter Payton, IL) on the Neg. The 1AC had three advantages - reproductive imperialism, civil society, and US human rights credibility. The 1NC came back with T - not government-to-government, Politics (Bush Good - Iraqi withdrawal), the Mbembe K and case arguments.

Tara is wondering if JW will navigate his ship at sea to Ohio so we can have one. Eli Jacobs can be the captain.


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Eli said...

if jw doesn't come, maybe another of all the ships at sea will. could i be the captain of that one too?