Friday, June 15, 2007


Dear Parents,

Camp starts in a week and we are all excited to have your children attending the institute. We have a few pieces of information that you should know. Registration is Sunday June 24 from 12-6. If you cannot arrive at those times, you need to let us know.

First, while the camp is going on, the office number of the dorm is (513) 529-2957 if you need to get in contact with us for any reason. Until then still call me at (513) 529 3050.

Second, there is a $50 key deposit that is due at registration. They will receive this deposit back at the end of camp if they have not lost their keys. We will be unable to give them a key to their room without this deposit.

Third, payment is due by June 18th, which is rapidly approaching. If there is some circumstance that requires finalizing payment at registration you need to let us know. You can pay online, here.

Four, if you child is flying and they need to send that information to our assistant director, Aaron (, ASAP so a shuttles will be there to pick them up at the airport. Also, if your child is under 14 they may have to have a designated person to pick them up at the airport. If this is the case you need to let us know, because we will need to tell you who exactly will be meeting the group at the airport.

Five, if your child has special dietary needs or medications that they need to take while they are at camp, please let us know.

Six, your child will also need to have their medical and rules forms filled out at registration.

Seven, if your child would like to attend the rec center they also need to have the consent form filled out by you.

- Aaron Vinson, Assistant Director, Miami Debate Institute

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