Thursday, June 14, 2007

MORE FAQs 2007

What is a typical day like?
Usually we get the day started by 9am, you have a lecture or two, maybe lab, go to lunch, come back, usually do something interactive in relation to the morning lecture, have some lab time, grab dinner around 5pm, come back after dinner for lab or a late lecture.

What is there to do at night?
Labs usually end around 9pm and students have some free time, some of which should be used on research assignments. There will be "speaking skills" sessions in the dorm some nights where lab leaders will help you with speaking drills or you can do stuff on campus. Campers usually play basketball or ultimate frisbee (this is what you should do) in the field by the dorm.

When do we have to be in the dorm?
11pm, no exceptions.

What is there to do in the dorm?
There is a foos ball table, a pool table, a tv and some couches, and a little kitchen in the basement. There is usually plenty for students to do in the dorm at night.

Some other camps have security deposits, does Miami?
YES - the deposit is $50 - it covers the costs if you lose your key.

What will be the phone number of the dorm office when camp starts?
(513) 529-2957
(for parents reading this, that number will only "work" starting 6/25 when we have moved into the dorm)

Do I need to bring an ethernet cord for my room?
Yes. It's also good to have a wireless card because there is wireless in every building and even some places outside.

What type of sheets do we need to get for the dorm room?
Extra long single.

Is there a microwave in the dorm?
Yes. In the basement.

What snack food should I bring?
Whatever you want. There is a vending machine in the dorm and your meal plan will let you shop at the market in the dining hall.

Do the two camps interact at all?
Yes. They will have some lectures together, they will live on the same floor, they will eat together...

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