Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Wallace/Strait lab, despite being behind in the RedHawk Bee, pulled a full half day ahead of the Lee/Serrano lab in finishing the first wave of assigmments. The Terrorist Information Prevention System Affirmative, Negative, and Terror Talk Kritik (ironically, labee Jack Bauer wrote the terror talk file) were completed at at precisely 4:04 pm.

Hubris made us think that we had also completed one of our negative assigments a whole FOUR days early, with Catie printing out the index for the Foucault Kritik at 5:01. However, upon inspection by both Paul and Brett, there seemed to be no Shell or 1nc written for the kritik, making it substantially more difficult for it to be run in a debate round. It should be complete though after another research session.

The Politics disad, similar to the GOP right now, is slightly in disarray. Jack Abermoff i think stole some of our political theory internal link cards. These problems are expected to be fixed by the time the negative file is due on July 5th.

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