Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kentucky and Loyola

On October 7 through 9 we competed at the University of Kentucky tournament, which had over 100 teams, including virtually every good team in the nation.

We had four teams compete that weekend, including Ilya and Aaron; Mike and Mike; Stephen Soloman and Jon Gair; and Mike and Kevin. We don't have any pictures right now from that weekend, but we did have some significant accomplishments.

Mike and Kevin cleared as one of the top 32 teams and debated Berkeley in the Double-Octas. We lost a close elimination round debate to the very team that eventually won the tournament.

Two weekends later we took two teams to the Loyola tournament in Chicago.

Mike Richardson and Mike Jensen went 4-2 in the prelims. Jon Gair and Aaron Vinson also went 4-2 in prelims. The Mikes won two elimination rounds before losing in the semi-finals. Jon and Aaron lost in the quarterfinals.

Aaron Vinson did win Top Speaker at the tournament.

Here is our photojournal:

Here we are outside the van before leaving on the trip.

We hit a huge traffic jam just outside of downtown Chicago which caused a three-hour delay.

Ever resourceful, the debaters passed the time being schooled in Monopoly by Mike Richardson.

Here are Aaron and Jon as we ate dinner at White Castle on Thursday night.

Here is some pre-tournament preparation in the beautiful Cass Hotel.

Here we are working in the lobby before the tournament started.

A dinner photo - at original Uno's pizza - famous for inventing deep-dish pizza in Chicago.

During the tournament we were able to work on the wireless network at Loyola. Here, Head Debate Coach, Steve Mancuso cuts a few cards (and maybe also checking out a few college football scores).

Aaron Vinson and his Top Speaker Award.

Jon and Aaron prepping for their Elimination Round.

The Mikes prepping for their Elimination Round.

Finally, the famous Sears Tower, not so impressive up close...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, finally something different...Nice going guys! (written in the most positive congratulatory way possible)

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Hey mancuso I said Hi to you at loyola and you didnt recognize me you have got to remember your debate camp members

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Dennys, he didn't remember you with good reason. Plus he only saw you like once? at the disad lecture? Man, you better start cracking down on that guy if he can't remember a debater like you after only ONE meeting....

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Hey who is this? anyway I spoke with mancuso and communicated with him he should remember me.anyway I was traveling with U OF I and I wish maffie woul have been there I really wanted to watch him debate.


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Whoah, who said anything about dissing Chicago? I'm just talking about dissing Dennys.

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:) wathever

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In the immortal words of those funny little leprachauns: hehehehehe

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hey anyone see the loyola tournament ?

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hey u guys have got to see this video