Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Mike Maffie and Kevin Wieck represented Miami at the Harvard University tournament. And while our competitive success was not what we would have liked, we did have a wonderful time. Afterall, the Harvard folks know how to throw a great tournament, and it was Halloween weekend. (see the pictures below of debaters wearing costumes.)

We were joined that weekend by one of our recruits, Chris Barnett, a debater from St. John's Jesuit in Toledo.

Kevin and Chris before the tournament.

Mike Maffie working before the tournament.

Driving in to the tournament on day one, this the famous and beautiful Charles River.

Here is picture of part of Harvard Square.

Starting the halloween theme - Will Repko (Michigan State) as Speed Racer.

Two goulish fellows from Texas.

Casey "Peter Pan" Harrigan (Michigan State) and Matt "Hook" Bostick (Missouri State).

Michael Rasta Klinger, Harvard.

The Devil made Sarah Holbrook do this.

A rougher version of the Easter Bunny, David Strauss, former NDT Champion.

Mike Hester scarily representing the Bird Flu.

Scenic Harvard Yard.

Kevin and Mike debating.

More Harvard Yard.

The world-famous Widenor Library.

The Harvard tournament is well-known for Sherry Hall's outdoor home-cooked lunches. Here's the set up on day two.

Two of our workshop grads from Lexington High School, Will Sears and Sam Caporal, showed up to watch some rounds. Here's Sam.

Sherry serving up some good cooking.

More costumes:

Here are our most gracious hosts for the weekend, Sherry Hall and Dallas Perkins, at the final awards banquet.


Anonymous said...

aww i love matt bostick.

and good job guys!

Anonymous said...

Shucks man, no pics of Nikhil. I'm insulted!

Anonymous said...

My partner totally went to this tournament with the ISU team!!!! She said she talked to maffie and watched one of his rounds... I don't know if she did or not... I was going to go but I had the ACT... that's SO cool!!!

All the Way From Idaho-
Christa N.