Friday, August 12, 2005

Miami Debaters Return to Oxford for Debate Work Week

This Sunday the people who are debating for Miami are returning to Oxford to begin our one-week workshop on the college topic. Our first meeting is Sunday evening.

Our debaters are:

Lydia Elkins (second year)
Ilya Galperin (second year)
Dan Gibbons (second year)
Mike Jensen (second year)
Matt Kern (third year)
Mike Maffie (second year)
Mike Richarson (first year - St. Johns)
Stephen Solomon - (fourth year)
Kevin Wieck (first year - MBA)
Aaron Vison (first year - GBN)
Jason Young (first year - Centerville)

We also know of a couple of potential other people who are interested in being on the team but who will not be attending our workshop.

Our travel schedule (debaters will attend 4-5 of these) for the first semester:

University of Northern Iowa
Georgia State University
University of Kentucky
Loyola University, Chicago
Wayne State University
Harvard University
Wake Forest University
John Carroll University



Anonymous said...

Kick ass in Iowa this weekend! :D

<3, Kaitlyn

Anonymous said...

Congrats at the good showing - tight

Anonymous said...

Hey whats the date for loyola