Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Announcements: 2006 Dates, Name the 5-Week Workshop, and Open Threads

Greetings -

Sorry we haven't posted for a few days. Confession, we took some time off.

Anyhow we have three pretty big announcements for you.

First, we've established the dates tentatively for Summer 2006. The 3-Week workshop (Red Hawk) will run from June 25 to July 15. The 5-Week workshop (see below about the name) will run from June 25 to July 29. So pretty much the same dates as this past summer.

So those of you who aren't seniors should mark the dates on your calendar. Seniors, tell your friends.

Also in the 2006 department, we've started negotiating with faculty members regarding next summer and will certainly let you know here when we have some names to announce.

Second, we have to change the name of the 5-week workshop, and we want your suggestions. It turns out there already is a program on our campus called the "Oxford Scholars" (it's part of the undergraduate honors program). Well they were a little miffed that we created this confusion and asked us to change the name starting next year. That's where you come in.

We sort of like the name "Oxford" as a starter, but aren't wedded to it. We want you to help us come up with the name, so I'll start a thread as soon as I finish this post - called "Name the Five-Week Workshop" and you can post your ideas there.

Third, since so many of you are clamoring for new posts, and frankly we're sort of busy now getting ready to debate China, we will periodically (at least once a week) create an "Open Thread" where you guys can post on whatever topics you like. For example, you could let us know how you've been doing since camp ended. If you want to discuss the real world (current events, the 2006 elections, the 2008 elections...etc.) go for it. Whatever you want. Just keep it in relatively good taste, as always. Your parents read this, you know.

Why do so many of you post anonymously?

Some people from the camp have probably quit looking at the blog for now, so since we're getting active again you might want to let them know there's plenty to read about.

Good luck, let us know how you are doing.



Phil said...

how does 'Oxford Annihilation Clinic for the Gifted'sound?

Chip said...

Scary. I like it!