Monday, July 11, 2005

Will Repko: Workshop in a workshop

Will Repko, coach at Michigan State University and the 2004 National Champions, made a guest appearance at the Miami debate institute this week. For two days he worked with the students on a wide range of debate arguments.

The opening lecture was entitled “how to win”. Will explained to the campers what his most successful teams have done to prepare for major tournaments. He went over pre tournament prep, how to use time at a tournament wisely, and most importantly, how to win on Monday.

Will is also known as one of the best framework coaches in the country. His lecture broke down negative strategies into four different mini debates. Will covered how to go for T against critical affirmatives, how to debate deontology and utility, how to impact turn kritical affirmatives and how to successfully execute a framework debate against critical affirmatives.

After each lecture, the lab broke into four groups where each camper was given the change to give speeches. The faculty rotated for each group so the campers received feedback from Steve Mancuso, Sherry Hall, Chris Lundberg and Will Repko.

Will’s visit was part of a three part workshop in a workshop experience at the Miami debate institute. Dallas Perkins,coach at Harvard and Roger Solt,coach at Kentucky, will be lecture later in the institute.

Here are some pictures from Will’s two day lecture series at Miami.



Steve Mancuso said...

I'd like to echo Mike Maffie's comments about Will Repko's visit - it was incredible. Two days of intensive coaching focusing on how to debate against critical affirmatives.

Every student spoke several times in small groups. Every student had lengthy prep time to work out answers to the most common aff. K arguments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Steve and Mike. The mini-workshop was very helpful and it will help me beat the terrorists next year.

Anonymous said...

ya, the mini-workshop was amazing- I learned soo much more in those 2 days then i thought i would- definately one of my debate highlights

Mata Leao said...

I agree. I had a great time. It wasn't something that initially was a big part of my coming to camp, so it was a huge, and very welcome surprise.