Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dallas Perkins: Workshop in a workshop

Dallas Perkins, coach at Harvard University, made his second visit to the Miami Debate institute this week. He lectured to both the three week and five week labs about debate theory. The lectures were not only about basic counterplan theory or topicality, Dallas gave his own unique insight into a larger topic: what is debate. Discussing some of the latest trends in high school and college debate, Dallas lectured to the campers about viewing debate as both a game and a social movement. “Is this real?” he asked the campers, “or is it just a game?”

Dallas covered other topics, such as if the affirmative should have to have a plan, disad and topicality theory and how to structure an effective affirmative plan. Dallas’ lectures were part of the workshop in a workshop experience at the Miami Debate Institute. Roger Solt will conclude the workshop series later this month.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful drawing on the board. I guess this is another reason as to why I didn't need to replicate it in my notebook.

Anonymous said...

i drew the picture :-D