Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"So two guys walk into a field..."

Today was an advanced K day at the Miami debate institute. Chris Lundberg, coach of three national champions, including the 2005 NDT winners, provided an awesome survey of kritiks to be run on next year's topic. He outlined the evolution of the kritik as an argument, how to run it effectively as a debate argument on both the affirmative and negative, and he gave extensive advice on how to run kritik alternatives.

Chris focused on the very common biopower kritik and the Schmitt kritik he recently developed, which we believe to be unique to the Miami workshop.

So what do two guys walking into a field have to do with the kritik on next years topic? One was an architect and one was a farmer. Chris explained how Heidegger used this story as a way to demonstrate his theory of revealing and concealing.

Lundy also discussed how to use a kritik on the affirmative. He covered topics ranging from beating framework arguments, topicality, and how to maximize the affirmative’s offense. He concluded by talking about how to use the Miami camp’s various critical affirmatives. Throughout the lecture Lundy drew on his experience of coaching some of the most successful critical debaters.

Chris: “Debate is a game about representations…a process of comparing how close our representations match reality.”

After the marathon lecture every one of the debaters at the workshop was given the assignment to use the evidence from the institute blocks to write 2NC answers to Lundy's prewritten 2AC responses. Each camper then gave practice speeches to lab leaders and received individualized feedback how to improve their speeches and set up the final rebuttal.

Among the debaters selected to do demonstrations for the entire group were: Eli Jacobs (Centerville), Debs Su (Lexington), Matt Young (The Heights), Chris Barnett (St. John's Jesuit), Stefan Jiang (Chattahoochee), and Izzi Blachman-Biatch (College Prep).

The day-and-a-half session was capped off with a full-speed demonstration speech by Lundy, extending his Schmitt K. Those who heard Chris debate years ago say he's better than ever.

Here are some of the pictures from Chris’ lecture.



Lee (former 3 weeker) said...

Hey can one of u guys send me the note s for the K debate that would be really awesome. I'm trying to block out and research a lot of kritiks for next yr. My email address is:


Anonymous said...

Schmitt... such a good K... the guy who thought that up, and the guy who wrote it, must be awesome...

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can still get the powerpoint presentation that Lundy originally showed us when we get the rest of the ev? (You know the "Power, pleasure and politics of the Person"...)

Anonymous said...

dude yeah i want that ppt

real badly