Sunday, July 17, 2005

out on the green...

The day of games kicked off at an early 1pm today at the frisbee golf tee behind Bachelor Hall. The campers played the front nine with the director of forensics, and part time Frisbee Golf Master, Ben Voth.

Later on in the day the campers played broomball at the Goggin (Miami’s ice arena). Broomball is much like hockey, however, insted of a puck there is a ball, and the players wear shoes insted of skates. Normally, watching debaters play sports is funny in and of itself, however, when you change the playing field to ice, it becomes hilarious.

The game ended with the team defending black team defeating the red team 1-0 in a playoff game. Curt Woolford scored a shot from near center ice to clinch the win for the red team.

Later in the night the campers enjoyed a rematch the Dr. Voth. Here are the results:
Dr. Ben Voth: Par
Mike Maffie: +3
James Joseph: +10
Kurt Woolford: +10

Here are some pictures from the day of games.


dozer said...

why is kurt hiding in the bushes?

Mike Maffie said...

He is trying to get his frisbee out of the woods. Kurt decided to go through the forest on that hole.