Friday, July 29, 2005

Semi-Final Results

Alec and Stefan defeated Viki and Kate on a 3-0 decision.

Alec and Stefan were affirmative running a Korematsu affirmative, with advantages on Racism, Deference and Policy Simulation good. Viki and Kate ran Topicality (Korematsu was charged), a Terrorism DA, a Biopower kritik, and a four-minute case attack. They went for the DA and K in the block and the Biopower K in the 2NR. The affirmative won on a permutation, link turns, framework and a solvency deficit for the alternative. Several judges felt that Alec's cross examination of Viki was the most effective they had seen at the workshop.

Chris and Priya defeated Kurt and Abe on a 2-1 decision, where both lab leaders voted for the winning team but the student vote went 8-1 for the losing team.

Kurt and Abe were affirmative running an Enemy Combatants affirmative with a New International advantage. Chris and Priya ran Topicality (authority), a Biopower kritik, an EU-China Arms Sales disadvantage, and a Terrorism disadvantage. They went for everything in the block except for the Terrorism DA. The 2NR went for topicality and the kritik. The negative won on topicality.

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