Sunday, July 24, 2005

Politics, Presidential Powers and the Executive Order Counterplan

Last week Steve Mancuso, debate coach here at Miami University, conducted a coaching session on how to run a strategy featuring the Executive Order Counterplan, the Presidential Powers disadvantage and the Politics disadvantage (something he apparently referred to as the “Clinton disad” on occasion). Steve is one of the nation's experts on this strategy - it having been a central part of the success of the 25+ teams he has coached to the elimination round of the NDT.

"Does the plan legally bind future Presidents?" he suggested as the important cross-examination question to ask to set up this strategy. Steve then offered alternatives based on how the AFF answered this question.

For the "Clinton" disad, Steve went though the different link, internal link, and turn arguments the negative must have ready for every round on this year’s topic. He also talked at length about how to run politics disadvantages against plans that use the Supreme Court as the adoptive agent.

Why the "Clinton" DA? It's not because the lecture is 5 years too's three years ahead of its time!



Anonymous said...

hahaha, three years too early

good one

Phil said...

hope everyone has a sweet last week of camp. I can tell you right now, the outside world is waiting...