Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wave 3 is done!

Wave 3 is accomplished and off to the printers. The 5 week scholars produced a variety of arguments and toolboxes --

Soft Power Good/Bad - led by Maffie
DAs to International Actors - led by Fitz
USAID/Delegation - led by Spring
Aff K Toolbox - led by Harrigan
Malthus - led by Tate
AT: Consult CPs - led by Vinson/Jacobs
Impacts File - led by Dale
NGOs - led by Risen

We learned a few things in this wave:

(1) Deutsch does believe that South Africa has nuclear weapons. ADale has the email to prove it.
(2) Tate believes that the Malthus is as terrible as she initially thought.
(3) Georgi believes library time = nap time.
(4) Ironies of all ironies - the Fitz group appeared to be "wheels" off - yes, the horrible, awful pun about wheels (wheelchair) was intended.
(5) None of the 5 week kiddos remembered how to use the library scanning services despite the lecture they had week one.
(6) The new cafe' that serves Starbucks coffee in the basement continues to greatly improve the quality of life of the faculty members.
(7) Adler should never buy a $12 umbrella in the midst of a rainstorm.
(8) The library apparently believes that pints of ice cream are approved "snacks" to be eaten in the building - ask Joe Lance.

Also, Tate will concede to Mapes...although Tate may have had more cards in the file, she had two unfair advantages - a laundry list of cites and the one cite she gave to Mapes ended up not having very many cards. Very worthy opponent!


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