Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MBA Coaches Hired for Faculty

We are very pleased to announce that Michael Risen and Alan Coverstone of Montgomery Bell Academy have agreed to teach on our faculty this summer. They will both be teaching on the 5-week staff.

Michael and Alan are two of the nation's most outstanding coaches. Not only have their debaters excelled in high school but they also have gone on to great success in college debate.

Is it your goal to qualify for the TOC? Well, they qualified FIVE, not one, but FIVE teams last year. So they could probably help you with that.

Is it your goal to reach NFL Nationals? Well, last year two of their teams CLOSED OUT the final round of the NFL Nationals tournament. That's the first time that feat has occurred in the 75 years of the tournament.

Simply put, MBA has achieved an unparalleled degree of success in recent years.

Their teams have also recently won the following tournaments: Wake Forest, the Glenbrooks, Georgia, Ohio Valley and Northwestern.

Come to the Miami Scholars program and you will receive individual instruction from Michael and Alan, regardless of what lab you are in.

We welcome them to the Miami Faculty!

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