Saturday, December 10, 2005

Apply to 2006 Workshop NOW!

We have started taking applications for next summer's Miami Debate Institutes. There is NO application fee this year for either program.

The Red Hawk is our 3-week workshop, which runs from June 25 to July 15, 2006.

The Miami Scholars is our 5-week workshop, which runs from June 25 to July 29, 2006.

To apply for either of the two programs simply click on the link in the left-hand column called "Apply Now for Summer 2006." It will just take you a few minutes and you'll be completely registered.

We are expecting application levels to be very high this year. To be sure to reserve your place, apply as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, write to:

We look forward to viewing your application.

Steve Mancuso


Anonymous said...

How much do each of the camps cost?

Anonymous said...

Still wondering about the cost...

Kryptenx said...

3-weeks - tuition $1995. June 25 - July 15, 2006.

5-weeks - tuition $4295. June 25 - July 29, 2006.