Thursday, July 07, 2005

5 Weeks Weekend Schedule

It's time to learn the affs. To accomplish this we will conduct two exercises over the next two days: discussion of the 1AC and basic affirmative strategy and shotgun 2ACs.

The Aff Schedules:

1AC and Strategy Session
10:00 am DNA Laws 018
10:45 am Enemies Laws 018
11:30 am Borders Laws 018
4:30 pm Korematsu Laws 301

2AC Shotguns
6:30 pm DNA Laws 018
7:30 pm Borders Laws 018

10:00 am Enemies Laws 303
2:00 pm Korematsu Laws 301

In between these exercises the following lectures will occur:

1:00 pm First Affirmative Nikhil Mirchandani Laws 301
2:00 pm Second Affirmative Sarah Spring Laws 301

11:00 am First Negative Paul Strait Laws 301
1:00 pm Second Negative Todd Lantz Laws 301

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