Sunday, June 12, 2005

welcome to the blog


Two weeks from today, Sunday June 26. That's when the Miami Debate Instiute begins. As most of you know, it will be held at Miami University in the very cool college town of Oxford, Ohio.

Here you are, at our official blog.

For now, we will use this space for posting important pre-institute information for attendees. We also expect that we'll be answering your questions regarding the camp.

But more interestingly, as the workshop starts you'll also find...

-- lecture and seminar descriptions, with evaluations from participants

-- Q&A with faculty members and guest lecturers

-- discussions of important workshop argument developments

-- highlights and commentary on practice debates taking place at the workshop

-- accounts of the day's social events (such as the frisbee golf results)

-- the institute and individual lab schedules

and oh, so much more.

Over the next few days we will be posting vital (and not so vital) workshop information for those who are attending. Please check back frequently for updates.

We encourage you to add your musings, questions, suggestions, hopes and expectations for the camp through the comment response. Participate.

Is this the first debate workshop blog? We think it just might be. Get used to it. We're going to give you the most innovative, cutting-edge debate workshop experience ever. Oh yeah, and we'll have some fun while we're at it.

See you in two weeks. Warm regards,

Steve Mancuso


Mata Leao said...

I think that a debate institute blog is quite a cool idea. Bodes well for things to come.

-Clint Ehrlich

James said...

Sounds Sweet.

Anonymous said...

how many people will be attending the camp?

Kaitlyn said...

can't wait to get there :)

Anonymous said...

ya, I would like to know how many people are attending camp too! I can't wait to get there!

Steve Mancuso said...

About 70 people from 15 states (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho, Kansas). They are roughly divided equally between the Red Hawk (3 week) and Oxford Scholars (5 week).

Anonymous said...

When will we know who our roomates are and what lab we're in? Are there different labs in the Red hawk camp?

Mata Leao said...

I too am curious as to when labs will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Will we be getting more specific information about how we're getting from the airport to Oxford soon?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how we'll be receiving evidence from camp, CD or hard copies printed out? Just so I know whether to bring 1 or 2 tubs.